The following summaries are intended to provide quick summaries of some aspects of recent CT legal developments on accident and insurance issues.  Most of these matters were not handled by Jackson O'Keefe, LLP.  The summaries are provided as a news summary only.  The summaries are not comprehensive, and readers are referred to the primary sources for full details.  These summaries are not legal advice.  You should consult with an attorney with regard to your situation.


ACCIDENT LAW: Jackson O’Keefe obtains defendant’s verdict for homeowner who hired handyman2016-07-21
INJURY LAW - U.S. District Court jury awards $5.3 million in product liability claim involving forklift2016-03-11
INJURY LAW - Superior Court judge awards $76,000.00 for pit bull attack injuries2016-03-11
INJURY LAW - Superior Court holds that child in utero cannot assert loss of parental consortium claim2016-03-11
INJURY LAW - Superior Court jury awards $416,000.00 in defective sidewalk claim2016-03-11
ACCIDENT LAW - Superior Court holds that Board of Education fundraiser does not qualify as proprietary activity2016-03-11
MUNICIPAL LAW - Superior Court awards $1.01 million for student eye injury2016-03-11
MUNICIPAL LAW - In court trial, Superior Court awards 11-year-old $40,814.00 as a result of accident in school auditorium2016-03-11
MUNICIPAL LAW - District Court grants municipality's motion for summary judgment as to selective enforcement equal protection claim brought by sports bar2016-03-11
INSURANCE LAW - Superior Court holds that restaurant not entitled to a defense with regard to assault on customer2016-03-11
East Haddam -- Appellate Court rejects bid of person who committed 1996 kidnapping and sexual assault2016-03-11
INSURANCE LAW - Connecticut Supreme Court rejects insurer's claim that exclusion contained in body of policy rather than in endorsement should be enforceable:2016-03-10
ACCIDENT LAW - District Court grants Target's motion for summary judgment based upon inapplicability of mode of operation2016-03-01
CT ACCIDENT AND INJURY LAW -- Superior Court strikes claim for sexual abuse against church entity2016-01-25
CT ACCIDENT AND INJURY LAW -- Superior Court holds that claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress was not stated based upon prevention of relative from visiting hospital patient2016-01-25
CT ACCIDENT AND INJURY LAW -- Superior Court allows claim of recklessness based upon lead paint poisoning to stand2016-01-25
CT ACCIDENT AND INJURY LAW -- Connecticut Appellate Court reaffirms requirement of actual or constructive notice in premises liability area2016-01-25
CT ACCIDENT AND INJURY LAW -- Snow removal on roadway did not qualify as excavation for purposes of Call Before You Dig statute2016-01-25
CT ACCIDENT AND INJURY LAW -- Connecticut Appellate Court holds that firefighters entitled to immunity for blocking highway2016-01-25
ACCIDENT AND INJURY LAW -- Connecticut Appellate Court affirms summary judgment for town on claim arising from allegedly defective playground2016-01-25
CT INSURANCE LAW - Superior Court finds a breach of the duty to defend based upon "arising out of" language2016-01-25
CT INSURANCE LAW -- District Court Holds Insurer Required To Defend Insured Who Engaged In Fistfight2016-01-21
CT INSURANCE LAW -- Appellate Court holds claim for posttraumatic stress disorder barred by exclusion for business pursuits2016-01-21
CT INSURANCE LAW -- Homeowners policy held not to cover alleged misrepresentation in property disclosure statement2015-11-15
CT INJURY LAW – Superior Court strikes claim based upon landlord’s alleged duty to protect one lessee from another2015-11-13
INJURY LAW – Superior Court dismisses action against physical therapist employed by school based on failure to provide certificate of good faith inquiry2015-11-06
INJURY LAW – Connecticut Appellate Court reverses, in part, summary judgment for the Metropolitan District Commission arising out of flooding allegations2015-11-06
Attorney Busher selected to the 2015 Connecticut Super Lawyers list by Thomson Reuters2015-10-21
CONNECTICUT INSURANCE LAW – District Court holds that exclusions for intentional or criminal acts do not bar coverage for assault pleaded as negligence claim2015-10-05
CT MUNICIPAL LAW – Appellate Court affirms judgment for plaintiff in defective highway action2015-10-05
CT MUNICIPAL LAW – Superior Court finds that defective highway statute is the sole remedy for accident allegedly caused by “stop sticks” placed in roadway2015-10-05
CT MUNICIPAL LAW – Governmental immunity bars volunteer’s dog bite claim2015-10-05
ACCIDENT LAW – Absence of “No Trespassing” signs held to constitute implied consent to presence on property2015-10-05
Connecticut Supreme Court recognizes a new cause of action for children based on loss of a parent’s consortium2015-09-29
Attorney Allison L. Baxter Joins the Law Firm Jackson O’Keefe, LLP2015-09-15
CONNECTICUT INSURANCE LAW – Superior Court enforces one year contractual time limit in homeowners’ policy2015-09-10
CONNECTICUT ACCIDENT LAW – Firefighters Rule did not apply to off-duty State Trooper2015-09-10
CONNECTICUT ACCIDENT LAW – Shopping center owner did not owe duty to trespasser2015-09-10
CONNECTICUT MUNICIPAL LAW / CONSTRUCTION LAW -- New statute of limitations for municipal and state projects2015-07-29
INSURANCE LAW -- Connecticut Supreme Court overturns $35 million class action verdict brought by auto repair shops alleging price-fixing/steering2015-07-29
LANDLORD LIABILITY -- Connecticut Appellate Court holds that landlord is not responsible for off-site injuries caused by tenant’s dog2015-07-29
MEDICAL MALPRACTICE -- Connecticut Appellate Court holds that medical malpractice allegations relate back to date of filing of original complaint2015-07-29
MUNICIPAL LAW – Attorney Kathryn Cunningham of Jackson O’Keefe obtains summary judgment on behalf of Regional School District2015-07-29
MUNICIPAL LAW -- $770,000 verdict in a defective sidewalk fall down:2015-07-29
UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES/PERSONAL LIABILITY -- Connecticut Supreme Court holds that individual liability exists under Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act for owner of limited liability company:2015-07-29
MUNICIPAL LAW – U.S. District Court for E.D. of Pennsylvania dismisses 42 U.S.C. § 1983 arising out of high school football concussions2015-07-13
CONNECTICUT MUNICIPAL LAW – Superior Court holds that police officer had no duty to search a person taken into protective custody for hallucinations2015-07-13
CONNECTICUT TORT LAW – Housing Authority had duty to inspect smoke detectors2015-07-13
Attorney Peter K. O'Keefe obtains defendant's verdict in van versus bus lawsuits2015-06-04
EMPLOYMENT LAW – Appellate Court holds that punitive damages may not be recovered under Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act (CFEPA):2015-06-03
INSURANCE LAW – Connecticut Superior Court allows bad faith claim but strikes CUIPA and CUTPA2015-06-03
CONNECTICUT INSURANCE LAW – Supreme Court holds that IBM computer tape loss was not personal injury under liability policies2015-06-03
Attorney Busher receives highest peer review rating available from Martindale-Hubbell2015-06-02
MUNICIPAL LAW – Second Circuit Court of Appeals affirms summary judgment obtained for Planning Commission on equal protection claim arising out of subdivision denial2015-05-11
MUNICIPAL LAW – Maintenance of drainage system held discretionary2015-05-11
INSURANCE LAW – Superior Court enforces one-year contractual time limitation regarding property damage claim2015-05-11
EMPLOYMENT LAW – Hostile environment claim for gender reinstated, not religion or race2015-05-11
CIVIL PROCEDURE – Abode service insufficient where process not left in door2015-05-11
BODILY INJURY LAW – CT Supreme Court recognizes bystander emotional distress in medical malpractice context2015-05-11
BODILY INJURY LAW – Superior Court allows mode of operation claim at tire store2015-05-11
BODILY INJURY LAW – Superior Court reduces $880k pain and suffering award to $60k2015-05-11
Connecticut Municipal Law – Appellate Court affirms summary judgment holding that OSHA creates no duty to non-employees2015-03-12
Connecticut Accident Law – 80-year-old who fell at hospital awarded $108,645 by Superior Court2015-03-12
INSURANCE LAW – CT Supreme Court reaffirms that UM insurer entitled to full credit for amounts received by insured, without apportionment:2015-02-10
INSURANCE LAW – Superior Court awards attorneys fees to insurer where insured engaged in bad faith2015-02-10
ACCIDENT LAW – Superior Court grants summary judgment to defendant in defective highway action2015-02-10
INJURY LAW – CT Supreme Court holds jury must decide whether leaving concrete chunks in exterior common area was unreasonable2015-02-10
CONGRATULATIONS to Attorneys Andrew J. O’Keefe and Joseph M. Busher on a Connecticut Supreme Court win – INSURANCE LAW: Reversing a dismissal by the Superior Court, the Supreme Court holds that no further administrative remedies existed to be exhausted prior to the plaintiff insurance producers commencing a declaratory judgment action against the Connecticut Insurance Department:2015-02-10
CONGRATULATIONS to Attorney Joseph M. Busher who has recently completed teaching for the eighth year as an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Connecticut School of Law:2015-02-10
CONNECTICUT ACCIDENT LAW – JACKSON O’KEEFE obtains dismissal of motorcycle versus pedestrian collision suit2014-11-03
CONNECTICUT INSURANCE LAW – Superior Court refuses to reduce $1.5 million award for insurer’s failure to pay claim2014-11-03
MUNICIPAL LAW – Superior Court holds teacher not responsible for kindergartner’s accident2014-11-03
MUNICIPAL LAW – High school student injured due to allegedly defective pathway on way home not subject to imminent harm2014-11-03
TORT LAW – Superior Court holds legislative permission to sue State unconstitutional2014-11-03
TORT LAW – Appellate Court holds holiday does not extend SOL2014-11-03
CONNECTICUT INSURANCE LAW – Homeowners policy did not cover alleged trespass disturbing neighbor2014-09-16
CONNECTICUT INSURANCE LAW – Subsequently discovered injury did not make unknown driver a hit-and-run driver2014-09-16
CONNECTICUT INSURANCE LAW – Homeowners policy found ambiguous and may provide coverage for collapsing basement due to defective materials2014-09-16
CONNECTICUT MUNICIPAL LAW – Teachers held not negligent for field day injury after court trial2014-09-16
CONNECTICUT MUNICIPAL LAW – Appellate Court holds swim coach immune from negligence claims for swim team after-school activity:2014-09-16
CONNECTICUT MUNICIPAL LAW – Principal and BOE immune from negligence regarding student fight:2014-09-16
CONNECTICUT ACCIDENT LAW – Appellate Court holds that neither common law indemnity nor contractual indemnity applied to negligent investigation2014-09-16
CONNECTICUT DOG LAW – Superior Court holds landlord not liable for dog attack off landlord’s premises:2014-09-16
In a case defended by Jackson O’Keefe, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals holds that volunteer was not acting under color of law2014-07-22
District Court grants summary judgment in favor of a planning commission arising out an alleged wrongful denial of a subdivision application2014-07-22
Appellate Court holds that defective highway statute is exclusive remedy as to snow bank on side walk2014-07-22
Appellate Court holds that governmental immunity bars claim against animal control officer and municipality2014-07-22
Supreme Court affirms wrongful conduct as a bar to tort action alleging sexual misconduct2014-07-22
Supreme Court affirms wrongful conduct as a bar to tort action2014-07-22
Supreme Court holds that horse owner is subject to ordinary negligence liability2014-07-22
Superior Court refuses to enforce health club waiver2014-07-22
April 25, 2014 Stonington, CT hit-and-run accident seriously injures pedestrian2014-04-25
April 24, 2014 I-91 Rollover Crash In Wallingford, CT2014-04-25
CT INSURANCE LAW – Superior Court holds that an alleged inadequate offer to settle UM claim can provide a basis for CUIPA liability2014-04-16
Jackson O’Keefe, a general practice and personal injury law firm, is relocating from Hartford to Wethersfield2014-02-14
Connecticut Supreme Court overturns Appellate Court finding of no liability in rear-end motor vehicle accident case2014-02-07
Appellate Court holds that a national Boy Scout group did not owe a duty to protect sexually abused boy scouts:2014-02-07
Appellate Court holds that defective highway claim against BOE employee barred2014-02-07
Superior Court denies a motion for summary judgment based on governmental immunity in claim arising out of fall at train station2014-02-07
February 6, 2013 Manchester, CT pedestrian fatal accident2014-02-07
February 4, 2013 Cromwell, CT pedestrian serious accident2014-02-07
February 2, 2013 South Windsor, CT fatal car accident2014-02-07
January 12, 2014 Barkhamsted motorcycle versus car crash2014-01-13
January 12, 2014 Mystic, CT dog attack2014-01-13
Berlin pedestrian killed by hit-and-run driver December 21, 20132013-12-23
Jackson O'Keefe partner Philip R. Dunn, Jr. obtains favorable jury verdict in slip-and-fall case2013-12-20
December 18, 2013 Waterford, CT one vehicle crash2013-12-19
August 24, 2013 Bristol, CT fatal car accident2013-12-19
Caution urged to avoid 2013 holiday travel car accidents in Connecticut2013-12-19
December 18, 2013 Route 9 Cromwell, CT, rollover accident 2013-12-19
December 18, 2013 East Windsor, CT, school bus versus truck accident2013-12-19
December 16, 2013 Lisbon, CT car accident requiring Life Star2013-12-19
December 16, 2013 West Hartford two-car accident2013-12-19
December 13, 2013 Farmington, CT, car accident2013-12-19
December 15, 2013, Bristol, CT, hit-and-run pedestrian car accident2013-12-19
December 10, 2013 Middletown car versus pole crash2013-12-10
November 24, 2013 Marlborough, CT, fatal car versus tractor trailer crash on Route 22013-12-10
December 9, 2013 Stonington, CT fatal car versus school bus crash2013-12-10
December 9, 2013 Ansonia, CT, van versus school bus crash2013-12-10
New Milford, CT, December 8, 2013 car versus diner crash 2013-12-10
December 6, 2013 South Windsor, Vernon two-car accident2013-12-10
December 3, 2013 Prospect, CT, tractor trailer versus car crash2013-12-03
December 2, 2013 East Windsor one-car crash2013-12-03
562 Thanksgiving holiday crashes in Connecticut for 20132013-12-02
Hartford Thanksgiving fatal car accident2013-12-02
November 30, 2013 Vernon motorcycle versus car accident2013-12-02
November 30, 2013 East Hartford one vehicle crash on I-842013-12-02
December 2, 2013 East Hartford crash on I-842013-12-02
December 1, 2013 60 car accident in Worcester, MA2013-12-02
November 25, 2013 Hartford school bus crash2013-11-25
November 24, 2013 fatal pedestrian collision involving hit-and-run driver in Hartford2013-11-25
November 24, 2013 double fatality crash on Route 2 in Marlborough2013-11-25
November 23, 2013 fatal car accident in Bridgeport2013-11-25
November 20, 2013 Hamden bicycle versus school bus crash2013-11-21
November 19, 2013 Berlin one vehicle crash on Berlin Turnpike2013-11-19
November 18, 2013 Naugatuck pedestrian hit-and-run crash2013-11-19
November 19, 2013 Tolland fatal crash on I-842013-11-19
Man charged in November 3, 2013 Meriden fatal car accident that killed two children2013-11-19
Man charged in November 3, 2013 Meriden fatal car accident that killed two children2013-11-19
Man charged in November 3, 2013 Meriden fatal car accident that killed two children2013-11-19
November 17, 2013 Southington ambulance crash2013-11-19
November 13, 2013 multivehicle accident in East Hartford2013-11-13
November 13, 2013 West Hartford tractor trailer crash2013-11-13
November 11, 2013 Wilton, Connecticut pit bull attack 2013-11-13
November 12, 2013 West Hartford school bus crash2013-11-13
November 10, 2013 Portland fatal car accident2013-11-11
November 7, 2013 Cheshire school bus versus two car crash2013-11-07
November 7, 2013 rollover crashes on Interstate 84 in Hartford, West Hartford and Plainville2013-11-07
November 5, 2013 Middletown drunk driver arrested2013-11-07
November 6, 2013 fatal East Windsor two car crash2013-11-07
November 6, 2013 Vernon, CT, car versus pedestrian crash2013-11-07
November 7, 2013 Coventry car versus motorcycle crash2013-11-07
November 7, 2013 Hartford school bus versus car accident2013-11-07
November 4, 2013 Shelton SUV versus motorcycle fatal crash2013-11-06
Attorney Philip R. Dunn re-elected to Town of Farmington Plan and Zoning Commission2013-11-06
November 5, 2013 Old Lyme tractor trailer crash2013-11-05
November 5, 2013 Bethany single car rollover crash2013-11-05
2013 drowsy driving prevention week2013-11-05
November 2, 2013 fatal pedestrian car accident in Cromwell2013-11-04
November 3, 2013 Meriden fatal car accident kills two children2013-11-04
November 2, 2013 Wallingford car crash kills motorcyclist2013-11-04
November 3, 2013 Somers two-car crash injures four2013-11-04
Southbury fatal accident October 30, 20132013-11-01
Darien High School football coach caught for DUI in Norwalk on October 31, 20132013-11-01
Multiple car accidents surrounding Halloween throughout Connecticut 20132013-11-01
New Milford car versus utility pole crash October 30, 20132013-10-31
October 31, 2013 fatal car accident on I-395 southbound in Waterford2013-10-31
Plainfield October 29, 2013 multi-vehicle crash involving school bus2013-10-30
Four dead in Portland car accident on October 26, 20132013-10-29
Hartford scooter driver critically injured in crash on October 22, 20132013-10-23
October 21, 2013 Farmington motorcycle versus car collision2013-10-22
One dead in Cheshire crash on October 20, 20132013-10-21
Child killed by vehicle on October 20, 2013 in East Hartford2013-10-21
Pedestrian killed in Vernon on October 18, 20132013-10-21
October 16, 2013 I-91 northbound crash in Rocky Hill injures two occupants2013-10-16
Farmington Lawyer Philip R. Dunn obtains favorable jury verdict in car accident lawsuit2013-10-15
October 14, 2013 double fatality car accident in Farmington, CT2013-10-15
Hartford car accident results in two deaths2013-10-15
Hartford tractor trailer crash closes portions of I-84 and I-912013-10-15
Multiple car accidents during the October 4, 2013 Hartford morning commute2013-10-07
Two-motorcycle accident in Coventry CT on October 5, 20132013-10-07
Serious injuries in two-car collision in Plainfield on October 5, 20132013-10-07
One-car accident on I-395 south In Waterford, October 6, 20132013-10-07
Car versus pole collision closes portion of Route 140 in Ellington2013-10-04
Multiple car accidents during the October 4, 2013 Hartford morning commute2013-10-04
October 2, 2013 motorcycle accident fatality on Route 92013-10-02
October 2, 2013 motorcycle accident fatality on Route 92013-10-02
September 29, 2013 serious pedestrian versus car accident in Farmington2013-10-01
October 1, 2013 car versus motorcycle accident on Route 92013-10-01
Pedestrian Struck by Motorcycle in Middletown2013-09-27
Sexual Abuse by Babysitter of Southington Minors2013-09-27
Bicyclist Killed In Crash With Motorcycle2013-09-27
Fatal car crash closes Connecticut roadway, results in passenger death2013-09-25
Connectiuct Appellate Court Affirms Jury Finding That Storm Drain Is Not A Highway Defect2013-09-10
Connecticut Appellate Court Holds That Discretionary Act Immunity Precludes A Claim Arising Out Of The Parking Of A Fire Apparatus Across A Roadway2013-09-10
Connecticut Supreme Court Holds That An Insurer Cannot Be Held Responsible Under The Unfair Trade Practices Act Without A Violation Of CUIPA Or Another Statute2013-09-10
Appellate Court Holds That Mode of Operation Rule Does Not Apply To The Service Of Beer At a Nightclub2013-09-10
New Distracted Driving Laws to Take Effect October 1, 20132013-07-31
Law Firm serving Wethersfield, Connecticut2013-07-16
Law Firm serving Farmington2013-07-16
Law Firm serving Southington2013-07-16
Law Firm serving West Hartford2013-07-16
Law Firm Serving East Haddam and Moodus2013-07-16
Law Firm Serving Cromwell, Connecticut2013-07-16
Hartford Law Firm2013-07-16
Distracted Driving Accident Law Firm -- Car Accident Lawyers2013-07-16
Drunk Driving Accident Law Firm -- Personal Injury Lawyers2013-07-16
Statute Is Not The Exclusive Remedy For Damages Caused By Tree Cutting2013-07-12
Bad Faith Issues and Meaning Of “Occurrence” Regarding Construction Defect Claims2013-07-12
Connecticut Municipal Law -- Defective Highway Claim Precludes Apportionment Of Liability2013-07-12
Connecticut Municipal Law -- Court Holds That Plaintiff Didn't Provide Adequate Description Of Locus2013-07-12
Connecticut Damages Law-- Court Finds That A Recommendation For A Fusion Not Credible2013-07-12
Attorney Philip R. Dunn, Jr., obtains defendant’s verdict in a premises liability claim2013-07-12
New Study on Voice Command Distracted Driving2013-06-13
Attorney Busher obtains summary judgment in construction defect litigation2013-06-06
Attorney Busher obtains favorable appellate ruling in action arising out of eviction2013-05-03
Jackson O’Keefe Partners Obtain Favorable Judgment in Court Trial Regarding Insurance Coverage2013-04-10
CT Tort and Insurance Law Update -- Monthly Update2013-04-03
Farmington Jackson O'Keefe lawyer Philip R. Dunn, Jr., obtains favorable jury verdict in personal injury action2013-03-07
CT Texting, Cell Phone & Distracted Driving Law Update2013-03-06
Attorneys Cunningham and Busher return to teach class focusing on appellate practice at the University Of Connecticut Law School for the sixth year2013-01-28
CT Texting and Distracted Driving Car Accidents Continue2013-01-28
CT DUI Law: The Connecticut Appellate Court upholds of evidence regarding defendant's ability to perform field sobriety tests in view of prior knee injury for Farmington police officer2013-01-24
CT DUI Law: Appellate Court upholds exclusion of evidence of defendant's physical inability to perform field sobriety tests for Farmington police officer2013-01-24
Two Jackson O'Keefe Partners Recognized as Connecticut Super Lawyers in November 2012 Connecticut Magazine2012-10-26
CT Dog Injury Law: Supreme Court holds that landlord may be liable for injury caused by tenant's dog2012-09-21
CT Appellate Court addresses drunk driving jury accident statutory interest2012-08-16
Commercial Real Estate: Connecticut Appellate Court Address Commercial Real Estate Case2012-08-16
CT Insurance Law: Claim Was Stated of Negligence in Advice On Car Insurance Limits2012-08-14
CT Injury Law: Teen Tries to Collect $137,000 Dog Bite2012-08-14
CT Divorce Law Update: Alimony Increased to $400 Per Week After Husband Found Job2012-08-14
CT Divorce Law: Parents May Not Criticize Each Other On Social Networking Sites2012-08-14
CT Municipal Law: Allegedly Principal Failed to Report Assault to Police2012-08-14
CT Commercial Law: Covenants Not to Compete for 18 Months Were not Enforceable2012-08-14
CT Drunk Driving Law Update: Sober Driver Arrested for DUI Alleged Handcuff Injury2012-08-14
CT Divorce Law Update: Alimony's Termination Date at Age 60 was Found Modifiable2012-08-14
CT Personal Injury Law: $50,000 For Noneconomic Damages Did Not Shock Sense of Justice2012-08-14
CT Distracted Driving Law, Texting Accident Update: Federal anti-texting blueprint2012-06-29
CT Supreme Court holds that Court can modify child support despite agreement that support would be nonmodifiable2012-06-29
CT Appellate Court addresses CT divorce alimony modification2012-06-29
CT Appellate Court addresses whether car accident verdict is too high, evidentiary issues2012-06-29
CT Appellate Court addresses commercial litigation and theft issues, as well as piercing of corporate veil2012-06-29
Connecticut Appellate Court addresses the testamentary capacity to make a will2012-06-28
CT Personal Injury Law: $44,899 Awarded to Tenant Who Allegedly Fell on Stairs2012-06-13
CT Divorce Law: Wife Awarded Marital Residence, $20,000 and 50 Percent of Pension2012-06-13
CT Pedestrian Injury Law: Pedestrian Allegedly Injured when Crossing Street Awarded $75,0002012-06-12
CT Divorce Law: Optometrist Who Earns $84,000 Has $150,000 Earning Capacity2012-06-12
CT Divorce Law: Husband Allegedly Lost $500,000, When Working As A 'Day Trader'2012-06-12
CT Family Law: Wife from Thailand awarded rental income and $100 per week2012-06-12
CT Car Accident Law: 35 Year Old Driver Awarded $68,228 for Head-On Collision2012-06-11
CT Car Accident Law: Plaintiff Who Refused Cortisone injections Awarded $28,6082012-06-08
CT Insurance Law Parking Idling Car in Garage was A Use of A Vehicle for Exclusion2012-06-07
CT Pedestrian Injury Law: Walker Awarded $13,657 for Collision with Car on Sidewalk2012-06-07
CT Car Accident Law: Jury's $507,706 Award Failed to Shock Court's Conscience2012-06-07
CT Divorce Law: Wife Awarded $6 Million, $60,0000 Per Month and Marital Residence2012-06-06
West Hartford Jackson O'Keefe partner Kathryn M. Cunningham obtains favorable jury verdict in personal injury action2012-05-30
CT Dog Injury Law: Conn. Appellate Court addresses alleged rabid dog2012-05-16
CT Distracted Driving Law, Texting Accident Update: Conn. teen texter kills jogger2012-05-16
Attorney Busher leads fundraiser for local charity in East Haddam, Moodus2012-03-26
CT Appellate Court affirms finding that buyers failed to exercise due diligence in seeking mortgage under contingency clause2012-03-26
Connecticut Appellate Court affirms trial court's order authorizing the plaintiff to move to Texas with the parties' minor child in divorce action, declining to apply plain error doctrine2011-08-30
CT Distracted Driving Lawyers -- Anti-texting apps2011-08-26
Connecticut DWI DUI drunk driving accident lawyer statistics2011-08-26
Connecticut Appellate Court affirms trial court's clarification of a visitation order and reverse its clarification of a property order in divorce action2011-08-26
MUNICIPAL LAW – Governmental immunity bars claim for playground injury
MUNICIPAL LAW – Appellate Court holds that police report attached to notice of claim adequately identified defect in street
MEDICAL MALPRACTICE – Facility not vicariously liable for decision of private contractor physician
INSURANCE LAW – District Court grants insurer’s declaratory judgment with regard to claims arising out of sexual harassment:
INSURANCE LAW – “Advertising” injuries did not include claim for misappropriation of trade secrets:
DEFAMATION & MALICIOUS PROSECUTION – Complaints to police held privileged:
Civil Procedure - Appellate Court affirms summary judgment prior to defendant filing Answer
BODILY INJURY LAW – Superior Court grants additur where jury does not award noneconomic damages
BODILY INJURY LAW – Summary judgment granted for plaintiff who slipped and fell on snow less than ten minutes after storm ceased:
BODILY INJURY LAW – Superior Court grants additur where jury awards damages for neck injury, but not back injury arising out of motor vehicle accident
BODILY INJURY LAW – Appellate Court affirms judgment for defendant notwithstanding the verdict arising out of drowning
Firm News - Jackson O'Keefe is pleased to announce that Attorney Joseph A La Bella has joined the firm
Attorney Busher Completes Ninth Year as Adjunct Instructor at UConn Law School
PERSONAL INJURY– Superior Court holds that Good Samaritan statute does not apply to for-profit business
DEFECTIVE PRODUCT LAW – Connecticut Supreme Court rejects adoption of Restatement (Third) test for product liability
MUNICIPAL LAW – Superior Court holds that municipality qualifies as “owner” under recreational use statute
PERSONAL INJURY DAMAGES – Plaintiff awarded $100,477.00 for broken jaw
PERSONAL INJURY DAMAGES – Jury award of $120,000.00 for fall outside police station
DAMAGES – Connecticut Supreme Court holds that collateral source reduction is not allowed where there is any right of subrogation by the health insurer
MUNICIPAL LAW: Superior Court finds in favor of municipality in defective highway action
MUNICIPAL LAW: Superior Court holds town entitled to immunity for allegedly defective basketball court
MUNICIPAL LAW: Superior Court holds governmental immunity bars claim of high school student voluntarily participating in event:
INSURANCE LAW: Supreme Court holds that voluntary intoxication does not preclude a finding of intent on the part of the policyholder:
INSURANCE LAW: Superior Court holds that private cause of action does not exist for alleged insurer price fixing and market manipulation:
MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: Superior Court dismisses action for lack of §52-190a compliance:
MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: A plaintiff is required to have an expert to support a claim arising out of a fall during physical therapy:
EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION: Second Circuit Court of Appeals holds that SSD claim precluded plaintiff from ADA, Title VII and ADEA claims:
CT Civil Procedure: Superior Court rejects apex rule:
CT Civil Procedure: Erasure Act did not preclude police from producing records in response to subpoena:
Accident law: Superior Court holds that award of $5,000.00 in noneconomic damages is not inappropriate
Personal Injury: In court trial, father struck by baseball at a sporting facility receives $32,000.00 for eye injury
Attorney Busher selected to the 2016 Connecticut Super Lawyers list by Thomson Reuters
PREMISES LIABILITY: Connecticut Appellate Court holds that mode of operation rule does not apply to slip and fall in pet store
INSURANCE COVERAGE: Superior Court holds that exclusion for malicious acts not ambiguous
DAMAGES: Superior Court holds that personal injury victim not entitled to damages for pain and suffering
MUNICIPAL LAW: Superior Court grants in part and denies in part motion to strike claims against municipal defendants arising out of bullying
MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: Superior Court dismisses claim against nursing home where claimant failed to obtain necessary written opinion of healthcare provider to substantiate negligence claim
INSURANCE LAW: Superior Court grants declaratory judgment pursuant to geographic limitation of general liability policy
INSURANCE LAW: Connecticut Appellate Court affirms that anti-subrogation rule did not apply to bar a claim against tenant who caused property damage
ACCIDENT LAW: Appellate Courts hold that wrong-named defendant statute could not be used to circumvent prior judgment on merits
LITIGATION LAW: CT Appellate Court affirms dismissal of pro se lawsuit where recognizance bond not filed as required
INJURY LAW: Superior Court holds that a railroad platform does not qualify as a sidewalk under defective highway statute
INSURANCE LAW: District Court grants summary judgment for insurer based upon assault and battery exclusion
INSURANCE LAW: Superior Court holds that State has sovereign immunity with regard to insurer’s subrogation claim
MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: Supreme Court holds hospital vicariously liable for physician:
INJURY LAW: Superior Court holds that an exception to governmental immunity does not apply for loose bolt on playscape:
WRONGFUL DEATH LAW: Appellate Court reverses summary judgment for constables, finding issue of fact as to exception to governmental immunity:
MUNICIPAL LAW: Appellate Court affirms summary judgment based upon governmental immunity for police dispatcher:
INSURANCE LAW: Superior Court holds that insurance policy not cancelled due to 24-cent underpayment:
INJURY LAW: Superior Court dismisses defective highway claim based upon inadequate notice:
EMPLOYMENT OF DISCRIMINATION: Connecticut District Court holds that Title VII bars discrimination based on transgender identity:
Accident Law: Jackson O’Keefe obtains defendant’s verdict for owner on defective premises claim:
INSURANCE DEFENSE LAW: Jackson O’Keefe obtains defendant’s verdict for owner on defective premises claim
INSURANCE LAW – District Court denies summary judgment as to Unfair Insurance Practices Act claim brought by plaintiff against tortfeasor's insurer
INJURY LAW – Jackson O’Keefe obtains summary judgment on behalf of municipality with regard to fall at transfer station
EMPLOYMENT LAW – Jackson O’Keefe obtains striking of count alleging negligent infliction of emotional distress in connection with discharge from employment
Injury Law -- Superior Court denies Motion to Set Aside $10.8 million verdict against personal trainer
Business Law – Jackson O’Keefe obtains the granting of a Motion to Strike on behalf of employees of an LLC
ACCIDENT AND INJURY LAW – Superior Court holds that mode of operation rule does not apply, but denies summary judgment with regard to ordinary premises liability claim
MUNICIPAL LAW – Superior Court holds that governmental immunity bars high school student claim regarding picnic
ACCIDENT AND INJURY LAW – Attorney’s testimony as to client with Alzheimer’s held inadmissible
DEFENSE and INDEMNITY CONTRACTS – Superior Court holds that snow removal contractor had duty to defend, but that issue of fact exists with regard to duty to indemnify
CONSTRUCTION LAW – Design contractor could not create a public nuisance