November 17, 2013 Southington ambulance crash

2013-11-19 | Matthew J. O'Keefe

Category: Auto Accidents

Matthew J. O'Keefe

A car was struck by an ambulance in Southington on November 17, 2013 at about 6:30 pm on North Main Street near Curtis Street. Crashes involving emergency personnel have special laws in Connecticut. While certain exemptions are granted from obeying traffic laws, the emergency vehicles must comply with those statutes. In a recent case, the jury awarded a total of $25 million in economic and noneconomic damages to the plaintiff and then reduced that amount to $16.25 million after the jury found that the plaintiff was 35 percent liable for his own injuries. The plaintiff was a local restaurant owner whose right leg was sheared off by a speeding state police car. After his truck ran out of gas, the plaintiff had nearly crossed the southbound lanes on the Route 8/25 connector when he was struck by the cruiser driven by a State Trooper, who was going 100 mph in a 45 mph zone without emergency lights or siren. Call us now to discuss your case (860) 278 4040

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