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Category: Distracted Driving

CT Distracted Driving Lawyers -- Anti-texting apps

2011-08-26 | Joseph M. Busher

CT Distracted Driving Lawyers -- Anti-texting apps Read More

CT Distracted Driving Law, Texting Accident Update: Conn. teen texter kills jogger

2012-05-16 | Philip R. Dunn

CT Distracted Driving Law, Texting Accident Update: Conn. teen texter charged with killing jogger According to an ABC news report, “A teenage driver is under arrest after authorities said the distraction of a handheld cellphone caused her to fatally hit a jogger, whose father blames his death on her &ld ...

CT Distracted Driving Law, Texting Accident Update: Federal anti-texting blueprint

2012-06-29 | Philip R. Dunn

U.S. Transportation Secretary Issues ‘Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving,’ Announces $2.4 Million for California, Delaware Pilot Projects.  Comprehensive strategy to address “distraction epidemic” outlines steps to pass more laws, address technology, and help stakeholders take actio ...

CT Texting and Distracted Driving Car Accidents Continue

2013-01-28 | Joseph M. Busher

It’s an unfortunate fact.  Too many Connecticut drivers are being injured as a result of cell phone use, texting and other forms of distracted driving.  If you or a loved one has been the victim of such negligence in causing a car crash, contact us at Jackson O’Keefe for a free consultation.&nb ...

CT Texting, Cell Phone & Distracted Driving Law Update

2013-03-06 | Jay W. Jackson

A smart phone app released in November is aimed at helping to cut down on distracted driving among teenagers. The app monitors distracted driving, whether it’s talking, texting, or speeding. It enables parents to hold teen drivers accountable.  If teens are texting while driving or speeding, the app will ...

New Study on Voice Command Distracted Driving

2013-06-13 | Philip R. Dunn

A new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows drivers who use hands free cell phones to talk or send messages while on the road are at least two times more distracted than those not using a cell phone behind the wheel. The study also reveals that those using speech-to-text in-car communication systems a ...

Distracted Driving Accident Law Firm -- Car Accident Lawyers

2013-07-16 | Joseph M. Busher

You see them every day: distracted drivers talking on cell phones, texting, and making left turns into traffic without looking because they are focused on a conversation. While it can be frustrating enough to have a self-centered driver slow you down or interfere with your day, when a negligent driver causes a serio ...

New Distracted Driving Laws to Take Effect October 1, 2013

2013-07-31 | Philip R. Dunn

Texting or talking on your cell phone while in your car will result in higher fines under new laws that go into effect later this year. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy recently approved the higher fines as part of an overall effort by the state to cut down on the number of distracted drivers, and distracted driving accidents, ...

New Milford car versus utility pole crash October 30, 2013

2013-10-31 | Philip R. Dunn

A one vehicle accident occurred on October 30 just before midnight on Route 7. The vehicle reportedly struck a phone pole and the driver was taken into custody. While it is not known what occurred here, it is common for such accidents to occur at night due to falling asleep behind the wheel or drinking, among other ...

November 3, 2013 Somers two-car crash injures four

2013-11-04 | Philip R. Dunn

The collision happened on Parker Road near Route 83, at about 9:40 pm, when a car struck a phone pole and a second car attempted to avoid the first and struck a tree. Thankfully no one was killed. Three were taken to the hospital. One was Life Starred. Although the cause of the crash here is unclear based on the ver ...

November 5, 2013 Bethany single car rollover crash

2013-11-05 | Peter K. O'Keefe

November 5, 2013 Bethany single car rollover crash The car hit a phone pole and then flipped. The crash occurred on Porter Hill Road. Jackson O'Keefe has the knowledge and experience to help if you or a loved one has been the victim of a motor vehicle accident involving a drunk or drugged driver. In addition to asse ...

2013 drowsy driving prevention week

2013-11-05 | Joseph M. Busher

During this week, AAA and other groups are raising awareness of the dangers of drowsy driving. A new AAA study shows that young drivers are most likely to be drowsy while driving, and those over 75 are least likely. Falling asleep behind the wheel can be extremely hazardous. Warning signs that may signify drowsiness ...

November 7, 2013 rollover crashes on Interstate 84 in Hartford, West Hartford and Plainville

2013-11-07 | Joseph M. Busher

At least three separate rollover crashes occurred during the morning commute on I-84 on November 7, 2013. In Plainville the crash happened near Route 72, with the car coming to rest in the center median. In Hartford, the crash occurred near exit 49 for Asylum Street at about 6:40 am, with the car coming to rest on t ...

Caution urged to avoid 2013 holiday travel car accidents in Connecticut

2013-12-19 | Joseph M. Busher

As the 2013 year-end holidays approach, new studies confirm the dangers of distracted driving. Additionally, as the 2013 holiday season approaches, traditionally this has been a time when drunk driving increases with the prevalence of holiday parties. One injury or death on COnnecticut roads is too many. Please driv ...

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