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INSURANCE COVERAGE: Superior Court holds no duty to defend where mental distress and no physical injury alleged, and conduct alleged could only be described as deliberate, orchestrated, and intentional

A Waterbury Superior Court Judge held that USAA Insurance Company had no duty to defend the insured where the claims brought against the insured sounded in invasion of privacy, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress,…

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INSURANCE LITIGATION: The Connecticut District Court denies award of fees or costs to insurance companies in interpleader actions where action brought “primarily in its own self-interest”

The District Court denied attorneys’ fees and costs to an insurer in an interpleader action, on the grounds that courts in the Second Circuit typically decline to award attorney fees and costs to insurance companies in interpleader actions.  The court…

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INSURANCE COVERAGE: Superior Court holds that damages for post-traumatic stress disorder are not recoverable unless linked to a physical injury

Three Connecticut state troopers sued the state for injuries sustained when they were involved in related vehicle collisions involving underinsured motorists.  The plaintiffs claimed, among other injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder from the emotional stress they experienced in having gone through…

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