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Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers – Connecticut

Connecticut Snow and Ice Falls – The Legal Duty Requirement and Standard of Reasonable Care

Under Connecticut law, to establish liability for any injury as a result of dangerous conditions on property, a plaintiff must establish that the person or entity sued was in possession and control of the property, and owed a duty to the particular claimant. If the duty was owed to the particular claimant depends on the person’s status on the property. As a person not permitted to be present, as a person allowed, or as a person explicitly or implicitly invited to be present.


Connecticut Law – Possessor’s Duty in the Snow and Ice Context

In situations involving ice or snow removal, under Connecticut law “in the absence of unusual circumstances, a property owner, in fulfilling the duty owed to invitees upon his property to exercise reasonable diligence in removing dangerous accumulations of snow and ice, may await the end of a storm and a reasonable time thereafter before removing ice and snow from outside walks and steps.

The Connecticut Appellate Court recently held that the storm-in-progress rule applied to bar a claim for personal injuries when the temperature was around freezing and rain was falling both when the plaintiff arrived on the premises at 8 a.m. and as the plaintiff left the premises approximately two hours later. Leon v. DeJesus, 123 Conn. App. 574 (2010).

Connecticut Slip and Fall Snow and Ice Accident Attorneys

The experienced lawyers at Jackson O’Keefe help people recover compensation after being seriously injured because of negligence or misconduct by an individual or organization. Unless you recover, in these cases there are no attorney fees. We provide the strongest possible representation to maximize your quick recovery. . With our over 50 years of experience in taking cases to trial, we can often obtain favorable settlements even without a trial.

In Connecticut, many people believe that slipping on snow or ice is their fault. In some cases it is, but if it can be shown that a property owner failed to clear the snow or ice in a timely manner. That property owner is otherwise responsible and you may have the basis for a successful case. The same applies to other obstructions or conditions that lead to a fall. When we represent you, Jackson O’Keefe thoroughly documents the negligence of the property owner. We will also identify the full amount of your economic losses and place a value on your pain and suffering. Our goal is to aggressively pursue results for you.

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