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MUNICIPAL LAW: Appellate Court reverses jury verdict for plaintiff on grounds that highway defect statute is exclusive remedy, even where alleged negligence of municipal employee creates defect

At trial, the plaintiff claimed that a City of New Haven snowplow truck struck and knocked off a manhole cover. The plaintiff’s vehicle struck an open manhole in the road, rendering it inoperable, and leaving the plaintiff with physical injuries.…

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MUNICIPAL LAW: Supreme Court holds that decision of officer to engage in pursuit of a fleeing vehicle is not ministerial and falls within the governmental immunity doctrine

The Connecticut Supreme Court upheld the ruling of the lower court in granting defendants Motion for Summary Judgment on the basis that governmental immunity applied to officer’s decision of whether to initiate a high speed police pursuit.  This cause of…

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PERSONAL INJURY: Superior Court holds City of New Haven may not bring suit against drug manufacturers for social costs of drug addiction

The City of New Haven brought action against the defendant pharmaceutical companies to recoup money for the social costs of paying for addicts’ social and medical needs and indirect expenses caused by drug addicts, including extra emergency-responder expenses and other…

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