The following summaries are intended to provide quick summaries of some aspects of recent CT legal developments on accident and insurance issues. Most of these matters were not handled by Jackson O’Keefe, LLP. The summaries are provided as a news summary only. The summaries are not comprehensive, and readers are referred to the primary sources for full details. These summaries are not legal advice. You should consult with an attorney with regard to your situation.

PREMISES LIABILITY: Superior Court holds ordinance requiring property owner to maintain public sidewalk only imposes a duty upon landowner owed exclusively to the city

The plaintiff brought suit against the defendant abutting landowner for negligence in failing to properly maintain the public sidewalk in front of owner’s property, causing the plaintiff’s injuries. The Superior Court granted the defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment, holding that…

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MOTOR VEHICLE LAW: Stamford Superior Court Judge rules handicapped owner of a modified vehicle cannot be found liable for reckless entrustment of vehicle to a valet driver, who was not trained to operate such a vehicle

A Stamford Superior Court judge granted a defendant’s motion for strike plaintiff’s claim of reckless entrustment, holding that a claim for reckless entrustment of a modified vehicle cannot stand where the plaintiff’s sole claim is that the handicapped owner of…

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CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENT: Superior Court rules in favor of General Contractor that safety protocol and inspector on work site did not show indicia of control over employees of independent contractor

A Hartford Superior Court judge granted the defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment, finding that a general contractor did not exercise sufficient control over the employees of an independent contractor to be found liable for the negligence of the independent contractor. …

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