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PERSONAL INJURY: Superior Court holds sovereign immunity does not apply where owners of pub located at casino are not tribal entity

PERSONAL INJURY: Superior Court Holds Sovereign Immunity Does Not Apply Where Owners Of Pub Located At Casino Are Not Tribal Entity

The plaintiff brought suit against the defendant pub, which is located at Mohegan Sun Casino, after he was hit as a pedestrian by an intoxicated driver who the plaintiff claimed was overserved at the defendant pub prior to the accident.  The defendant moved to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction, alleging that they were entitled to sovereign immunity as Mohegan Tribal entities.  The Court denied the motion, holding that the defendants are private entities and individuals, not tribal entities; the pub is merely located in the casino.  Kulic v. Lansdowne Pub-MS, LLC: No. CV18-6035542, Nov. 14, 2018.