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MUNICIPAL LAW: Superior Court holds complaint seeking to compel Town to indemnify municipal police officers for future costs that officers may or may not incur was not ripe for adjudication

A third party sued a Southington police officer for negligence while off-duty, alleging that the officer failed to prevent his girlfriend from drinking and driving.  The bargaining unit of which the officer was a member sued the Town, its insurer,…

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MUNICIPAL LAW: Supreme Court holds that triable issue of material fact exists as to whether city fire department’s persistent and continuing failure to conduct statutorily-mandated inspections of public housing constituted reckless disregard for residents’ health and safety

Four residents of a public housing complex in Bridgeport died in a fire and the plaintiff administrator of the decedents’ estates sued the city and others, claiming that the fire resulted directly from the fire department’s past and continuing failures…

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MUNICIPAL LAW: Superior Court holds that neither mere receipt of benefits nor representations of lower-level officials are sufficient to establish municipality contractual liability

The plaintiff alleged that it had performed some work related to a Hartford sports stadium before the city formally cut ties with the plaintiff.  The plaintiff then filed suit related to the hiring of a stadium manager.  It acknowledged that…

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