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INSURANCE COVERAGE: Superior Court holds that damages for post-traumatic stress disorder are not recoverable unless linked to a physical injury

Three Connecticut state troopers sued the state for injuries sustained when they were involved in related vehicle collisions involving underinsured motorists.  The plaintiffs claimed, among other injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder from the emotional stress they experienced in having gone through life-threatening accidents and that reoccurs when they are faced with re-occurring similar situations at work.  The trial court held that the damages for PTSD were excluded from coverage because it is a well-established rule that PTSD claims are only recoverable when they extend from physical injuries.  The plaintiffs moved for reconsideration and additur and the Court denied such motions, holding that the law on the issue is controlling.  Menard v. State, No. CV-14-6051838; Nov. 13, 2018