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MOTOR VEHICLE LAW: Driver fails to prove liability in accident trial

After a collision between the plaintiff and a snowplow truck owned by the State of Connecticut, the issue of liability arose at trial. The plaintiff maintained that the operator of the snowplow was on or over the double yellow lines which allegedly caused the collision. The snowplow driver claimed that she never left her lane and, rather, it was the plaintiff who suddenly crossed into her lane of travel and collided with the plow. The court considered physical evidence, including photos of the crash as well as testimony of the defendant’s expert who supported the defendant’s version alleging the plaintiff was traveling downhill when plaintiff’s vehicle crossed into the snowplow’s lane. Following the trial, the court finds that the plaintiffs failed to meet the burden of proof of liability as to the defendant in this matter. Accordingly, the judgment was entered in favor of the defendant. Barotz v. State of Connecticut, No. HHD-CV-20-6121498S, 2022 WL 17718718 (Conn.Super. Nov. 02, 2022)