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PERSONAL INJURY: Superior Court strikes claim for sexual abuse against church entity

The plaintiff was allegedly sexually abused by a Roman Catholic priest.  The plaintiff alleged that the Hartford Roman Catholic Diocese Corporation negligently hired, supervised and retained the priest.  The Diocese Corporation moved to strike, on the grounds that there were no factual allegations to support the imposition of a duty.  The court agreed.

Specifically, the court held that the Complaint made only conclusory allegations that the priest posed a threat.  It did not adequately allege facts to support a conclusion that there was a foreseeable risk that gave rise to a duty.  “Without properly alleging that the Diocese owed him a duty, Doe has no cause of action against the Diocese.”

Doe v. Tissera, Docket No. CR14-5038159 (Conn.Super. Moukawsher, J.)(Nov. 3, 2015)