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Uninsured Car Accident Lawyers – Underinsured Car Accident Lawyers

Unfortunately, the most negligent and reckless Connecticut drivers are often those with no insurance or minimal policy limits. To avoid this known danger, the law provides for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage on your own policy, or that of the owner of the vehicle you are operating or riding in as a passenger.  At Jackson O’Keefe, LLP, we have been helping insurers defend these claims for many, many years.  As a result, we know the ins and outs of these claims, and we know what insurers find significant, and how to best present your claim for the most favorable resolution possible.  Get the benefit of our years of insurance experience by calling us now at 860.278.4040.

At Jackson O’Keefe, we are not a mass production law firm.  We don’t look at you as number, and assign you to a secretary or paralegal for primary “handling”.  Your calls get through.  Every client’s case is handled by an attorney throughout the process.  Personal. Professional.  Best practices.

By way of background, if the driver who hit you has no insurance or is underinsured, you may be able to pursue a claim with your own insurance company. Although the insurance company may have an obligation to pay benefits, the process is often difficult, and claims are may be underpaid, delayed, or wrongfully denied.

Uninsured motorist coverage, which is generally referred to as UM coverage, is arguably the most important coverage available in Connecticut. UM coverage provides benefits up to the policy amount for the bodily injury caused by the negligence of a motorist who is either (a) uninsured for liability, or (b) insured with liability insurance but with inadequate policy limits. In other words, it is insurance you carry to protect yourself in case you are injured by someone who is not properly insured. All insurance companies are required to offer uninsured motorist coverage as part of their automobile insurance policies. An insured person who purchases liability coverage must sign a written election of uninsured motorist coverage in order for such coverage to be a lower limit that the liability coverage. Because of the uninsured motorists on Connecticut’s highways, uninsured motorist coverage is commonly considered to be essential to those persons who are seeking to be “fully covered.”

Connecticut car accidents involving uninsured motorists can be extremely serious cases, and may result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, medical expenses and other costs. Unfortunately, many drivers’ own insurance companies attempt to undervalue their case, or will only pay a small portion of what an experienced uninsured motorist lawyer could recover for them. These expenses can be especially high if there were injuries or significant damages as a result of the accident. A Connecticut lawyer with experience in uninsured motorist claims can help recover all amounts owed to you. The lawyers at Jackson O’Keefe have over fifty years of experience handling auto related lawsuits and claims. A Connecticut uninsured motorist attorney at our firm is ready to help with your potential case.

If you are injured through the fault of a hit and run driver, although you may not realize it, you may be entitled to recover money damages for your injuries or for the death of a loved one under your UM policy. These money damages include compensation for medical bills and lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. This type of recovery is typically available under Connecticut auto insurance policies’ uninsured motorist coverage. Furthermore, even if you do not personally own a car or carry uninsured motorist coverage, we may be able to obtain a financial recovery for you from the uninsured motorist policy of a relative such as a parent, child, brother, or sister with whom you live. We may be able to recover for you as a result of a hit and run accident regardless of whether you are a driver of a car, a passenger in a car, a motorcycle rider, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian.

We have handled these cases for many years on behalf of insurance companies. As a result, we know what your insurer will likely find significant, and can help you posture your case for a quick and favorable resolution.  We have the years of experience and knowledge necessary to provide you with the skilled representation you need when dealing with insurance companies following any type of motor vehicle accident. Quick assessment of the issues, determining the cause of the crash and assessing the severity of your injury and your medical needs are the services you can expect when you retain our Connecticut car accident attorneys. The Connecticut car accident lawyers at Jackson O’Keefe are adept at assessing the physical principles of the accident, the medical evidence used to evaluate injuries, and the economic and accounting principles required to evaluate losses. We provide the strongest possible representation to maximize your recovery. We will investigate the car accident scene, research the accident and your car, along with any other evidence that came into play at the time of your accident. We will stand up for you against any wrongdoer, trucking company or anyone else who has caused you harm. It is our responsibility to make sure your rights are upheld and defended. Because of our experience in taking cases to trial, we can often obtain favorable settlements even without a trial. With over 50 years of representing Connecticut car accident litigants, the law firm of Jackson O’Keefe, LLP,  understands how the unique circumstances of your collision require careful and compassionate representation.