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Q. What damages am I allowed to recover if I am involved in a bus accident?

A. person involved in a bus accident is entitled to recover damages similar to any motor vehicle accident. This includes past medical expenses, past wage loss, past pain and suffering, future medical expense, future impairment of earning capacity and future pain and suffering. The attorneys at Jackson O’Keefe LLP handle Connecticut bus accident cases throughout the State of Connecticut.

Q. Do I need an attorney to bring a case involving a bus accident?

A. It is a smart decision to have an attorney if you have been injured in a bus accident. The investigation of an accident at the early stages is critical to resolving liability issues. A personal injury attorney at Jackson O’Keefe will assist and guide you through the process, while you concentrate on recovering from you injuries.

Q. Should I contact an attorney if my child is involved in a school bus accident?

A. The sooner a personal injury attorney is contacted, the better. Having a prompt investigation and preservation of evidence is key to all injury claims. Photographs can be taken, the scene can be investigated, and injuries can be examined, the more likely a valid claim can be brought.

Q. I was hit by a bus while walking. What are my rights as a pedestrian?

A. As a pedestrian, you have a right to claim injuries you have suffered as a result from a bus or motor vehicle accident. This includes the bus driver, operations company, city transit and public transportation agency, bus manufacturers and their respective insurance companies.

Q. If I am a driver of a vehicle that is involved in a bus collision, whom can I sue?

A. In this case, you can sue the operator and owner of the bus as well as any other person or entity responsible for the accident. The victim of a Connecticut bus accident in may be able to collect financial compensation for his or her losses, including pain and suffering, medical bills, estimated future medical expenses, lost wages, and lost income potential. The bus accident attorneys in Connecticut at Jackson O’Keefe addresses the needs of people who are injured in Connecticut no matter how severe the injury. The law firm has years of experience, a record of success, and the resources to help you recover fair compensation.