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Q: What is a product liability case?

A: A product liability case is a claim that arises as a result of a defective product. A product can be deemed to be dangerous when there is a manufacturing defect, when a product that is sold to the public without proper warning labels or if the product has a defective design.

Q: What options are available to someone who is injured by a product?

A: A person who is injured by a product may be able to recover damages such as strict product liability, negligence, breach of warranty or misrepresentation. They may be able to be compensated for loss of wages, medical expenses and any pain and suffering.

Q: What is strict product liability?

A: Strict product liability assesses liability against product seller’s regardless of whether the seller was at fault on creating the defect.  The key is whether the product was defective.

Q: What is Breach of Warranty?

A: Breach of Warranty is failure to fulfill the terms of a promise regarding the product’s performance.