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Q: What is a premises liability claim?

A: A premises liability claim involves injury on someone’s property, also known as “slip and fall” cases.  These cases include people who were injured inside department stores, banks, hospitals, restaurants, groceries and other public buildings, as well as private residences.  This also includes outside of a building including parking lots and sidewalks.

Q: If I am injured on someone’s property is the property owner responsible for my injuries and damages?

A: This will depend on whether or not the property owner, landlord or tenant was negligent.  This occurs when the owner of the property is careless and knows or should have known about a dangerous hazard but has failed to warn or remove the hazard.

Q: What if a trespasser is injured on someone’s property?

A: Traditionally, property owners are not responsible for someone who was not invited or allowed on their property, unless the trespasser is a child.