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The following summaries are intended to provide quick summaries of some aspects of recent CT legal developments on accident and insurance issues. Most of these matters were not handled by Jackson O’Keefe, LLP. The summaries are provided as a news summary only. The summaries are not comprehensive, and readers are referred to the primary sources for full details. These summaries are not legal advice. You should consult with an attorney with regard to your situation.

Motor Vehicle Law: Plaintiff presents sufficient evidence to recover damages for injuries caused in a motor vehicle accident but fails to present sufficient evidence to support an award for compensatory damages as to his daughter’s injuries

The present matter arises out of a motor vehicle accident between the plaintiff and defendant. The court states that the determination of damages involves a question of fact and when damages are claimed, they are an essential element of the…

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Premises Liability: Court holds that claim of “old ice” in general vicinity of fall is not sufficient to defeat defendant’s summary judgment based on ongoing storm doctrine

The plaintiff alleges that he was injured when he fell on ice located on the defendant’s premises. The defendant moved for summary judgment, contending that, under the ongoing storm doctrine, the defendant did not owe the plaintiff a legal duty…

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Premises Liability: Condominium owner obtains summary judgment as to area controlled by association, but is denied summary judgment as to common area unit owner repaired on his own

The plaintiff tenant commenced this lawsuit against the defendants, Meriden Eastwood after the plaintiff was allegedly caused to slip and fall on January 21, 2019 in the parking lot and then again on January 25, 2019 on the exterior stairway…

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