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The following summaries are intended to provide quick summaries of some aspects of recent CT legal developments on accident and insurance issues. Most of these matters were not handled by Jackson O’Keefe, LLP. The summaries are provided as a news summary only. The summaries are not comprehensive, and readers are referred to the primary sources for full details. These summaries are not legal advice. You should consult with an attorney with regard to your situation.

DRAM SHOP LIABILITY: Court finds that establishment’s alleged policy to not refuse service to intoxicated patrons is sufficient to support reckless service claim

The defendant, Wright, allegedly sped through a stop sign and collided with the plaintiff’s vehicle, causing several injuries to the plaintiff. The Plaintiff alleged that the defendant was intoxicated at the time of the motor vehicle collision, and that earlier…

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PREMISES LIABILITY: Superior Court grants Motion to Strike in premises liability case, holding that duty of possessor does not protect people of “frail stature, advanced years, diminished health, and those with other limitations”

The court granted defendant’s Motion to Strike the Second Count as failing to state a legally cognizable cause of action sounding in negligence.  The plaintiff attempted to bring a two-count complaint sounding in premises liability and negligence.  The plaintiff claimed…

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