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MOTOR VEHICLE LAW: Superior Court denies motion to strike common-law and statutory recklessness counts were plaintiff alleges conscious choice of conduct

The defendant moved to strike the common-law recklessness and statutory recklessness counts of the plaintiff’s complaint.  The Hartford Superior Court denied the motion to strike, holding that the plaintiff sufficiently alleged common-law and statutory recklessness.  As to the common-law recklessness…

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MOTOR VEHICLE LAW: Court grants motion to strike finding that Graves Amendment barred claim of negligence against owner of vehicle in the trade of leasing vehicles where no allegation of negligence or criminal wrongdoing

The Superior Court granted a motion to strike a complaint, finding that the Graves Amendment barred the action for negligence against owner of vehicle that was in the business of leasing or renting vehicles.  The Graves Amendment, as deemed constitutional…

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