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PERSONAL INJURY: Father struck by baseball at a sporting facility receives $32,000.00 for eye injury

The father of a child who was practicing hitting balls at the Connecticut Sportsplex in December of 2010 alleged that the facility was negligent.  A sign at the facility warned parents and observers to be “outside of cages and tunnels or behind proper protective screens during session”.  The father remained behind the protective screen, but when a ball struck the screen, it continued onward, striking the father’s eye.

The court reduces the award to plaintiff by 20% for contributory negligence.  The father had economic damages in the amount of $5,809.00.  Noneconomic damages of $35,000.00 were awarded.  Those figures were reduced by 20% to a net award of $32,647.00.

Palmer v. Conn. Sportsplex (08/08/16)