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PREMISES LIABILITY: Superior Court holds owner of property owes no duty to plaintiff where property deemed to be wholly demised premises

The court holds the owner of property owes no duty to a plaintiff who slipped and fell on an accumulation of ice, where the owner was not in possession or control of the property.  The defendant property owner filed a motion for summary judgment, arguing the property was leased exclusively to Mental Health Connecticut, who was solely in possession and control, and responsible for snow and ice removal from the parking lot and sidewalks.  Further, Mental Health Connecticut had a snow removal contract with co-defendant Henry Urena Services and not the owner.  The court held that the defendant sufficiently demonstrated the absence of any material dispute as to possession and control of the parking lot where the plaintiff alleged to have slipped and fallen and grants the motion for summary judgment.  Gail Wiggins v. Henry Urena Services, LLC, Superior Court, judicial district of Bridgeport, Docket No. CV18-6078768-S (June 26, 2020)