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INSURANCE LAW: Waterbury judgment of over $23 million allocated in part to uninsured motorist carrier, then to be reduced to zero per policy limit, reduction for liability payment under same policy

The plaintiff brought action against the defendant school bus driver for negligence and Utica Mutual Insurance Company for uninsured motorist coverage for a hit and run driver. The defendant school bus collided with the unidentified vehicle, causing the school bus…

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MODE OF OPERATION: Superior Court upholds ruling in favor of defendant on Motion to Dismiss, as Mode of Operation is not a new cause of action where plaintiff previously brought suit under negligence theory

The Superior Court denies defendant’s Motion to Reargue reaffirming the court’s granting of defendant’s Motion to Dismiss pursuant to the prior pending action doctrine.  The defendant filed the Motion to Dismiss arguing that the plaintiff’s mode of operation claim was…

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MOTOR VEHICLE TORTS: Connecticut General Assembly enacts legislation to allow for double or treble damages in an accident where the owner operates a motor vehicle while using a hand-held mobile device in violation of § 14-296aa

The Connecticut General Assembly enacted legislation amending CGS § 14-295, which allows for an award of double or treble damages for statutory recklessness where the owner of the vehicle drives deliberately or with reckless disregard in violation of one of…

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